The village of Blackness is located beside the once strategically important Blackness Castle. Its early prosperity stemmed from the fact that it was the port for nearby Linlithgow from 1389 to 1680. It was the largest port in Scotland after Leith during this time. However it lost much of its importance when it was supplanted by Bo’ness in 1680 and thereafter suffered a steady decline.

In the early 1900s it experienced something of a mini revival when it became the favoured summer resort for Falkirk businessmen. Although Blackness continued to attract a steady stream of visitors throughout most of the last century, those that visit today do so largely to see the castle.

In the sixties many of the locals sailed dinghies from the remains of the harbour. In the early seventies it was decided to start a club to accommodate the growing number of sailors and Blackness Boat Club was officially constituted in 1972. Land was reclaimed and the clubhouse you see today was built on the site of the ancient harbour by the founding members. The club still has two of those founding members on its books today.

In the 40 plus years the club has been running it has seen many improvements of the facilities for members including the extension of the pier, the addition of a starting box, the opening of a licensed bar and most recently the building of new sea defences.

Although most of our members now sail larger boats, other water sports are encouraged.