Membership Type Description  Price
 Joining fee  Initial one off joining fee  £50
 Boat membership This includes the Membership fee, Craning In, and Out
costs or Summer Parking and Winter Parking
Additional boats  Per boat  £350
 Member (no boat)    £150
Shared Boat Ownership  Per member £150 each + £350 shared between each member 
Social membership   £20


 Aged 16-17 £20


Sailing Dinghies

£120 PER YEAR – or short-term parking £10 per month


 £40 per year

Non-boat owners punts

 £40 per year

Outboard engine storage

 £10 per year

Inflatable dinghy storage

£20 per year (Storage is limited)

Mast Fee (crane lift)

 £30 per lift


Please note –

  • Late payment of fees will incur a surcharge fee of £10 per calendar month after 31st March 2016
  • Postage Fees: letters charged at £3.00 and registered letters charged at £5.00
  • Masts must be taken down 14 days after crane out- failure will incur a £40 fine
  • Outboard engines and inflatables stored at owners own risk-no liability accepted by BBC
  • Masts must be taken down within 14 days after crane out. Failure to do so will incur a £40 fine





 Method  Fee
 East slipway weight restriction 400kg  TBC